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Devodier Prosciutti has been operating for more than 50 years in the ham sector, almost three centuries in meat and it was one of the historical founders of the Parma Ham Consortium in 1963.
The tradition of excellence and sweetness that characterizes each slice of Devodier products is due to the meeting of the exclusive climate of the territory, the historical passion of Parma for cold cuts and the artisanal knowledge and care that the Devodier family has mastered for decades with every product.

We select only the best meat to produce Parma ham, Culatello, Culatta Emilia and Shoulder ham, which compose a seasoned high-end collection that inspires high fidelity among loyal consumers and connoisseurs.
Combining craftsmanship and cutting-edge techniques, we propose also our products and a complete selected range of Italian charcuterie in presliced trays in ATM laid by hand to complete our offer.
The deboning and slicing is made in-house, in a natural way and with a slow cut as to conserve at best the quality and authenticity of our products.

All our products are seasoned in special red brick cellars built on natural water springs and nurtured with a refined technique mastered during the years and only a very little amount of salt we use to convey their unique sweetness & aroma.
Our whole products are completely natural, do not contain preservatives, additives or coloring agents but only a carefully selected mixture of cured meat and salt.

In recent years we were honored to receive various recognitions by the most important Italian gourmets as evidence of the utmost quality rendered to our customers:
- Gambero Rosso Excellency –30 Months Ham
- L’Espresso Italian Excellency –24 Months Ham
- Gambero Rosso Top Italian Food Experience – Devodier Prosciutti
- Gambero Rosso Excellency – Culatello con Cotenna
- First ham present on the “Golosario” guide and always present since then
- One of Top 4 Italian Excellencies in Food – Intesa San Paolo & Mercato Metropolitano

We have the optimal structure to overview and assure the utmost quality of production for each piece and to have the experienced fast organization to serve the most demanding customers all over the world.
Artisans at heart, we are characterized by a peculiar philosophy of uncompromising highest quality in every step of production, sound roots in traditions and at the same time restless research of innovation.

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