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FOUNDED IN 1996, Natura Nuova was born from the desire to develop a natural product made from fresh fruits, ready to eat.

In order to control raw material, we created a FRUIT CONSORTIUM in Emilia-Romagna, following BRC/IFS rules and environment friendly agricultural practises.

Natura Nuova is the leader in Italy in the production of fruit purèe.

Our factory works all year with high quality fresh fruit. When the fruit have reached the right point of ripeness, they are carefully selected, washed, peeled and pitted.

Natura Nuova improves and adopts, as the first in the world , the cold- processing, of fruits that preserves the taste and the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit.

The result of our production is a fruit smoothie , which a short heat treat process consents to preserve the product for 12 month at room-temperature, we propose the fruit puree in alluminium cup and doypack .

Our packaging protects the product from light and oxygen without added antioxidant and acidifiant.

Natura Nuova is the leader in catering market (school, hospital, nursing homes ), and the increase in this market permits our clients to find our product in the retail market .

Natura Nuova is the only factory that produces the fruit puree in organic.

We are certified by BIOAGRICERT , which guarantees the organic supply-chain.

For the organic product we have two different Brands Natura Nuova Bio and Almaverde Bio ,these brands guarantee the respect of the environment.


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