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NORMA has been one of the most important and successful trading company in the food-discount sector. Norma is headquartered in Nurnberg, Germany.

In 1921 the family company "George Roth" in Fürth, Germany were founded. Out of this company in the 1960s the first Norma store opened in the south of Germany. Since end of the 1980s, Norma has developed from a regional discount store to an international acting company.

At present, NORMA has a network of over 1,450 branches extending over Germany, France, Czech Republic and since the spring of 2005, over Austria. All these stores are managed and cared by a total of 16 branches.

NORMA store chain offers a comprehensive range of food and non-food products. NORMA’s product portfolio includes an assortment of fresh bread, cakes, milk, UHT products, confectionery, savory pastries, beverages, ready meals, jams, honey, coffee, tea, canned food, frozen products, cooling products and a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. The company’s non-food product offerings include a wide range of cosmetics, cleansers, detergents, paper goods, feature films, furniture, textiles, bicycles, home improvement and household products along with electronic products such as televisions among others. Norma offers products of various national and local brands besides offering its own range of products under Stiftung Warentest brand.