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      Buying Offices: Lloyds Pharmacies Belgium

      Founded in 1835, McKesson Europe is the provider of pharmaceutical solutions and services. In 2014 McKesson Corporation a US company acquired Celesio AG by 75%. Global leader in the healthcare supply chain solutions, the major company decided to develop its activities in Europe through this ...

      Maxxilot are stores which are specialised in the destocking of unsold goods.The products are sold for the following reasons:OverstockChange in packagingEnd of stockMaxxilot sources its products from big manufacturers and distributors, offering to cutomers a wide selection of brands.The company also ...

      E. Leclerc is a private cooperative that regroups over 500 independent retailers. The group is a major actor, in the French market with 653 outlets in France and 117 outlets in Europe. The group is composed of 600 drives-through and 562 shop owners.The group focusses on formats like ...