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      Founded in 2014, Rohlik can be described as an online supermarket based in the Czech republic. The group provides a variety of brands and product categories offering delivery facilities. Indeed, Rohlik has recently launched a new concept which involves flexible delivery. The customers can have their...

      Buying Offices: Pharmavance France

      Created in 2008 Pharmavance group manages 120 points of sale and employs 310 persons. The group was founded by Stephanie and Alexandre Mergui, with the aim to provide young pharmacists a place to establish themselves. Now the group wants to open 100 more pharmavavence stores by 2020.With 22 persons ...

      Buying Offices: Alliance Elaborés France

      Alliance Elabores is a frozen specialized foodservice company. 

      Buying Offices: Bio C Bon Italy

      Bio C'Bon is a European retail chain, specialized in organic and ecological products. The group started with only 4 stores and by 2014, had already 58 points of sale. The company is present across France but has also established its presence globally, through countries such as ...