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Appy Food & Drinks was established to develop responsible ideas with integrity that will revolutionise the way we think about, and consume, food and drink today. Our ultimate goal is Healthier Generations, and it is our mission to help people by making wholesome products that are accessible to all.

Through our portfolio of well-being brands, as well as our ongoing commitment to local communities, we are helping to combat food-related health issues worldwide without ever compromising on our values, or product quality and taste.

As a well established FMCG company, we not only develop our own brands and goods, but we are also able to offer our expertise and knowledge to retailers and other brands to help them to create their own healthy and affordable products, always tailored to their own specific customer base.

We have pledged to continue pushing boundaries so as to make a real difference within the food and drink industry by creating healthy products at a lower price. We will keep opening new doors and always stay a step ahead because we want to innovate the right way; this includes sourcing ingredients correctly, paying for labour fairly, and ensuring we keep nature as it should be along the way.

We have worked with every aspect of the production chain, from ingredient suppliers to packaging experts, building excellent relations and gaining knowledge of how to make fantastic concepts come to fruition.

We specialise in providing private label services to retailers and distributors to help them create targeted products that are tailor-made to suit their market needs.

Our team has experience in tweaking briefs and formulations to perfection, optimising taste, adjusting costs, and adding health benefits to products.

We are excited to utilise our expertise to benefit other companies through our ad-hoc services:

Product formulations; we can create our own formulations to lower sugar in your products.

Sourcing ethical ingredients; we audit each and every ingredient supplier we use to ensure they meet our high standards.

Co-packing; we work with industry leaders that supply the best in food technology to take care of all your food production needs at a competitive price.

Design services; we not only create your mouthwatering products, we also make them look great.

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