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Beauty Emotions , company that  specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of cosmetics and personal care products that generate emotions to consumers.

Emotional Well-being is our lifestyle. We are committed to providing consumers with products that make them aware of how important it is to feel good and experience each day to the fullest with feelings and evocative unique sensory products and fragrances in our market segment.

At Beauty Emotions We believe in the essence, nature, simplicity, differentiation and innovation in our concepts, formats or fragrances and this is reflected in each and every one of the products we develop. We work so that the aroma of our products evoke memories, incomparable feelings.

  • Concentrates its efforts on providing value to consumers through unique and innovative products
  • Takes the most of the broad sector experience of its founder and team to provide solutions to the specific needs of our customers and consumers.
  • At Beauty Emotions we focus on quality: our technical team is responsible for ensuring that our products meet the required quality standards and requirements that allow us to compete in the global market and also supply the technical documentation and necessary quality certificates.
  • We have created a consumer-focused culture. Through teamwork we always find a way to make things better and meet all the needs that arise.
  • We are proactive in increasing sales based on a smart price management, assortment, promotions, support materials, ....

Our vision: 

Being considered the best ally for partners-dealers who share the same enthusiasm in projects, to create strong strategic alliances in order to expand, develop and introduce our brands together, generating sales and causing emotional wellbeing while on consumers when using our products.


Our products provides:

  1. Intense, unique and evocative scents
  2. Nourished and Hydration Skin
  3. Clean skin
  4. Hydration
  5. Soft touc
  6. Shine and silkiness
  7. Sensuality
  8. Emotion

Our Brands:

  1. Naturalium: 

    The unmistakable scent reminiscent of real fresh fruit. Market trends and consumer tastes evolve towards ever more natural, less sophisticated and engineered products. The aroma is a fundamental part of this naturally: the vast majority of consumers make purchasing decisions after smelling the product. Naturalium is a return to the origin, to nature, to simplicity. 

    • ​​Three different ranges

      • ​Fruit Range: products that smell like real fresh fruit

        • ​Bath & Shower Gel

        • Shampoo

        • Body Lotion

        • Body Mist

      • ​Nuts Range: NATURALIUM joins HEALTH, BEAUTY and CARE with the new NUTS product range

        • ​Hair Mask

        • Body Butter

        • ​Bath & Shower Gel

        • Shampoo

        • Body Lotion

      • ​Olive Range: With this new full range of personal care of Olive, we got a range that takes care your face, body and foot, with 3 in 1 products.

        • ​Cleansing Gel

        • Exfoliating Gel

        • Hands, feet and body cream

        • Body Butter

  2. ​​​LOVIUM:                                                                                                                                                            Lovium is inspired by a new way of beauty for women who do not want to give up a benefit for another. Where relevant trends and innovations of "Beauty World" come together in one unique product in the Masstige. Women without complexes, without age limit. In search of new experiences.  Who want to seduce with her personality and her fragrance.

            .... and especially to all who are already bored with conventional products for hair care and body moisturizing 

           Sensuality is an attitude that begins on taking care of yourself. That involves pampering your skin in the shower,               nourishing and hydrating it with soft caressess, caring for your hair with precious oils, and perfuming yourself with             a sensual and evocative scent.

           Lovium products offer different varieties turn from subtle and seductive fragrance, an authentic experience of                     sensuality that fills all the senses.

  • Range of Products:
    • Hair & Body Fragance Oil - Lovium is the first Fragrance Oil on the market to use three-phase technology, which adds shine to your hair and moisturizes your skin. Fast absorbing dry oil.  Available in five sensual fragrances able to transform the beauty and  daily care in unique, unforgettable, seductive, mysterious sensorial experiences that will last all day.           A 3 phases oily complex which contains chamomile oil, monoï oil and grape seed oil, intended for the hair care to moisturize, protect and repair the hair fibre, besides soothing the irritated scalp. Monoï oil, in addition, provides the best constant and long-lasting nourishment for the skin.                                                                                                                                Its fragrances last in the skin up to 10 times more than a high quality alcoholic perfume.
    • Fragance Body Wash - Discover in your bubble bath or daily shower the pleasure of a sensual and feminine Fragrance. A formula that leaves your skin soft and clean. It’s fruity notes give you an special pleasure, a really new experience under the shower. 
    • Fragance Body Lotion - Its extremely sensual texture and its fragrances allow every woman to finally feel truly feminine. It contains glycerin, shea butter, and phospholipid extract of Luffa cylindrical, that gives a lot of benefits to your skin.
    • Fragance Body Mist - A new way to perfume yourself. A delicious scent filled with freshness and well-being that creates an Addictive and seductive fragrances, that will revive your sensuality, that will empower your feminity. 


  • At Beauty Emotions to get a partner is the beginning of a friendship. Our team works closely with our partners.

  • We have an exclusive range of brands and products available to you.

  • We are perceptive, receptive and responsive to the demands posed by you. Our culture is based on "yes we can help"

  • We are proactive in increasing clients sales through our experience, dynamism and drive.

  • We believe in the principle that if you win, we win, win-win philosophy

  • We always check market trends, new products and the price level in order to help get sales.

  • Total wellness is the way to live. We are committed to give your customers and end consumers, an exclusive range of products that provide emotional wellbeing and make them more aware of living a healthy, full and exciting life.


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