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Bio Basic Europe waits for you in the EXPERT CORNER, as since 1996 has been a global leading Italian company in SAFETY and EFFICACY EVALUATIONS of PERSONAL-CARE/HOME-CARE products, specialized in CLINICAL (tests on volunteers) AND LABORATORY TESTING (microbiological, chemical-physical, in-vitro analysis), TECHNICAL-SCIENTIFIC, MARKETING, REGULATORY ASSISTANCE, with National and International clients. 

Bio Basic Europe is your ideal partner if you produce or manufacture: 

Cosmetic Products
Food supplements
Medical devices
Medical surgical devices (PMC)
Biocidal products
Hazardous mixtures
Detergents, Homecare Products
E-Cigarettes/E-liquids/Other Nicotine Delivery Systems

Bio Basic Europe research centres: 

CDC Dermo-Clinical Research Institute where we perform safety and efficacy clinical evaluations on volunteers, under strict dermatological supervision.
BIO BASIC LAB within the research centre "Parco Tecnico Scientifico"​ of Pavia University, with three internal laboratories of microbiological, in vitro and chemical-physical analysis.

Bio Basic Europe supports its client at every stage of the product life cycle, ensuring compliance with all mandatory legal and regulatory requirements. We achieve this goal thanks to:

♕ Experienced and qualified internal staff;
♕ Customized design of each studio according to customer needs;
♕ Technical-scientific collaboration with national and international University Institutes, Foundations, Hospitals / Medical Studies and specialized physicians;
♕ Support of the National Authorities in the health field and Certified Bodies; 
♕ Investments in training and scientific research.  

Bio Basic Europe is certified under UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and it has formal accreditation by ACCREDIA for UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (Enumeration of Aerobic Mesophilic Bacteria UNI EN ISO 21149:2017; Enumeration  of yeast and mould UNI EN ISO 16212:2017 - cosmetic matrix)

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