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Bitrex® is the leading brand ingredient in product safety for the Detergent sector and can also be found in garden, DIY, and automotive products. Private label product lines throughout Europe proudly carry the Bitrex logo. Retailers have recognized the powerful concept . They reassure consumers with the message of product safety. Reinforce your brand with Bitrex and increases sales. The most bitter substance known to man, just a few drops of Bitrex protects the family against household accidents. Adding the Bitrex logo to your packaging, delivers the promise of quality, and demonstrates your commitment to consumer safety. Technical assistance, certification, and testing are just some of the many services that are offered to you with the trademark license. Testing by our technical operations determines the dose required to guarantee your product safety. Marketing support for campaigns in both print and web are part of the global dimension that will enhance your Private Label brand. You will find the Bitrex logo on European Private Label product lines of Eroski, Mercadona, Casino, Systeme U, Coop, Monoprix, DM Markt, Kaufland, and others.

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