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BRASMAR SEAFOOD COMPANY, stands out for its operational, financial and organisational model.
Our investments in this sector are diversified and complement each other. In this area of business, leading companies offer a wide range of superior products in order to build a trusting and lasting relationship with customers.
We are a benchmark company in Europe in the seafood sector. Our activity is focused on the processing and sale of fish, shellfish, cephalopods and frozen codfish, as well as dry salted codfish.
Brasmar processes and markets seafood products following rigorous specifications through responsible practices that seek sustainable development and customer satisfaction.
We strive daily to identify and develop new products, using the latest and most innovative equipment, which allows us to better respond and satisfy the needs of the markets we operate in.
We are recognized for the quality, consistency and variety of our products, and complement these with a dynamic and effective service and we are certified based on the ISF Food Standards, MSC - Marine Stewardship Council and HALAL, as well as being certified as Walmart supplier.


Brasmar portfolio includes more than 180 fish and seafood species. We export seafood products for more than 30 countries worldwide. We have some of the biggest retailers in Europe.


We are specialists in:
- Obtaining raw materials from the best origins;
- Developing the most appropriate packaging for each product;
- Fulfilling our social responsibility;
- Using the most advanced technology;
- Customer retention;
- Seeking excellence to maintain our position as a leading company and point of reference in the sector.

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