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Cartiera Confalone SpA is a paper mill/converting industry with a more tha 100 years history and a wide range of paper finished products for personal care, hygienic, professional and domestic use (toilet paper, kitchen rolls, multi-purpose rolls, professional rolls, napkins).

The company has 2 factories (a third one is in the building phase) and different warehouses.

The company is very well established in Italy, working with most important consumer goods' chains, and it's in continuous expansion Worldwide.

The 2 main brands are Vit and Class, respectively the classic and the premium brand.

Moreover, we are also realizing Private Labels on demand.

What makes us unique, and a very reliable partner, is:

  • Use of Pure Pulp 100%
  • Guarantee on weight and number of sheets
  • Advanced production technology
  • High production capacity
  • Excellent Customer Service

In the beginning our firm was not specialized in the production of tissue paper. Only as from the seventies it decided to operate in this particular sector.

The excellent performances obtained made the amplification of the products on sale necessary. As a consequence, they involved the expansion of the paper factory situated in Maiori (SA)

This allowed to enlarge the business areas by stepping up production of paper jumbo rolls and to devote ourselves to the transformation of finished goods.

These finished products were put on the market bearing as trademark VIT and CLASS, whose fame is more and more increased as years go.

We use the best technology nowadays available for the tissue making and this makes our products highly innovative.

As from the first half of 2010 the firm has further enlarged the product range both on the Consumer market and on the Professional one through the installation of a new production line for the making of industrial rolls.

Moreover, we inform you that our firm can produce private trademark goods in accordance with the features agreed with third parties.

Our well-established entrepreneurship, together with the unquestionable trading experience, will allow to exploit at our best our main features:

·         Productive power

·         Knowledge of raw materials

·         Cutting-edge machinery

·         Wide product range

·         Organizing and distributive flexibility

We would be pleased to meet you in order to show both the product range and the flexibility of our firm.

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