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The Italian Consumer Cooperative, formed in 19 is Italy’s leading food distribution group with some 6.7 million members. There are 175 consumer coops affiliated with the group.

Coop Italia oversees some 1,440+ stores in four formats. They include the Co-op’s branded stores, which are comprised of about 50 superstores, more than 1,000 supermarkets and about 200 discount outlets.

The group claims more than 17% of grocery sales and nearly a 30% market share in private label consumer goods in Italy.

The structure and commercial activity of the Coop System are coordinated by the National Consortiums of Consumer Cooperatives which includes Coop Italia Alimentari (Coop Food Italy), Coop Italia Non Alimentari (Coop nonfood in Italy) and INRES, the national institution of consultancy, planning and engineering.


 There are nine large affiliated coops, which represent most of the total revenues, they are as follows:

  1. Coop Liguria
  2. Coop Adriatica
  3. Coop Estense
  4. Coop Lombardia
  5. Consumers Coop Northeast
  6. Cooperative Centro Italia
  7. Nova Coop
  8. Unicoop Tirreno
  9. Unicoop Florence. 

Coop Italia also is involved in banking and insurance.