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Delipap Oy is a privately owned Finnish company founded in 1979. Delipap Oy has nearly 40 years experience in providing high quality products to its customers. We are specialized in developing, producing and marketing Nordic ecolabeled hygiene products. At first, the company made only baby diapers, but over the decades Delipap has grown into a diverse company specializing in consumer oriented development, production and marketing of documented skin friendly and environmentally responsible hygiene products for the whole family.Today we are Finland’s only enterprise manufacturing disposable sanitary towels and diapers. We have a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System and GMP (good manufacturing practises). Delipap fulfills the strict criteria of the Swan Label, an ecolabel used in the Nordic countries and today acknowledged around the world. The raw materials we use come from certified sustainable forests and they are chlorine free. Our products have also the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federations sertification which means that the products are suitable also for the most delicate skin. Our diapers and feminine hygiene products do not contain any scents or lotions, or other known skin irritants or allergens.

Our Muumi Baby diapers and pull-up pants are of high quality and eco friendly with the beloved Moomin™ character. The comfortable Muumi baby diapers do not irritate the child’s skin and are manufactured with the minimum impact on nature. Our Vuokkoset sanitary products are soft, skin friendly, reliable and have been used by women for over 30 years. Vuokkoset has a range of premium BIO products which are biodegradable and truly an ecological choice without forgetting the great functionality.

Delipap has international customers and cooperation partners around the world; many of the leading European and Asian retailers and drugstores have approved us as their supplier.

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