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ecoBASICS, born in 2011 is mainly focused on organic products.

We control every step in production process.

ecoBASICS has helped private labels of organic products in Spain to achieve high quality products with the highest safety food standards at a very competitive price.

We are organic certified, IFS, Fairtrade, and can pack Gluten Free and Free from other allergens.

We obtain the very best the soil has to offer, seeking the finest, most authentic and tastiest products and bringing them to you so you can enjoy them.

We specialize in cereals, rice, pastas, sweeteners, breakfast cereals, legumes, seeds, sauces, oils, flours, superfoods...  and we can develop your needs together with you.

We provide the best in terms of high-quality products with organic certification. We can offer a very wide range of different packaging.

By incorporating organic products into our consumers’ daily diet we will contribute to improving their health and well-being with excellent flavors.

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