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ELVIDA FOODS S.A. is a food company with long term tradition in safety and exceptional quality of its products.

In its early years ELVIDA started to serve with its products the highly competitive market of grill houses. Focusing in aggressive marketing and personalized customer service, it managed to become market leader in only few years.

During the recent years ELVIDA FOODS has considerably expanded its production capabilities and safety standards. Its product portfolio has been expanded to innovative added value food products which respond to nutritional needs of modern consumer.

At the same time the company continues to offer unique solutions to food professionals and retailers too, who always seek new innovative solutions in order to differentiate their business.

All our products are made in our own factory in Western Athens. Our production lines are all certified according to ISO 22000, IFS, BRC & HALAL standards.

Our long-term relations with meat suppliers ensure constant quality and exceptional taste of all our products. 

Most of all ELVIDA is proud of the high level of its people which is constantly growing despite the difficult current economic recession.
Our people and our passion for qualitative and delicious authentic Greek food will be the key drivers for our success during the next years!

Our Main Products Categories 

Ready to eat

  • Grilled Gyros products
    • Authentic Greek Pork Gyros
    • Authentic Greek Chicken Gyros
    • ANGUS Beef Gyros
    • Donner Gyros
  • Grilled Finger food
    • Beef/lamb Kebab Meatballs bites Grilled 
    • Spearmint Spiced Meatballs bites Grilled
    • Cumin Spiced Meatballs Grilled
    • Grilled Bifteki sticks bites with fillings
    • Argentinian ANGUS Beef Burger Grilled
  • Grilled Chicken products
    • Chicken filletini  Grilled & Sliced
    • Chicken Dices & Peppers on sticks Bites Grilled 
    • Chicken Fillet
    • Chicken strips
  • Cooked Ethnic Ready Meals 
    • Moussakas
    • Pastitsio
    • Gemista (stuffed vegetables, tomato, green peppers…..)
    • Braised ANGUS Beef meat (tomato or lemon sauce)
  • Appetizers
    • Zucchini bites 
    • Tomato bites 
    • Eggplants bites 
    • Cheese bites


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