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Península Vinicultores, S.L. is a collaborative wine producing and marketing business founded on the values of authenticity, sustainability and competitiveness. From our base in Madrid, we manage wineries and vineyards accross Spain to produce estate wines. Every estate focuses on the types and styles of wines it does best and which it can produce in the most authentic, sustainable and competitive way. We invest in and manage all aspects of the wine estates we run, integrating all decisiones from the vineyard to the glass.

Our operations are co-owned by Jesús Cantarero, Chairman and owner of Fontana Viñedos & Bodegas (Central Spain), Andreas Kubach MW, Managing Director based in Madrid/London/Frankfurt and Sam Harrop MW, Wine Making Director based in NZ. Backed up by a team of experts, the team combines a global outlook of the wine business with the knowledge and respect for local winemaking traditions.

We sell to a large number of multiple retailers in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and France with our own label with capacity to adapt to customers needs and buyers own brands.




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