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Verys is the realization of an innovative idea focused on producing 100% plant based, vegan food.

Good Food, Healthy Food, Passion for Innovation and Respect for the Environment: Key Points of Our Vision.

Verys’ mission is to offer rich and valuable ingredients, as whole rice is, in an innovative product. We offer you the chance to re-invent your recipes in a 100% vegetable, vegan and allergen-free way.

Rice has a millennial tradition as part of mankind diet being healthy, light and OGM free

We retrieved primal sowing and harvesting methods, studied and developed the germination process and developed a balanced recipe for our products made of Whole Biologic Germinated Rice. Such unique ingredient is the core of our 100% vegetable cheese which preserves all nutrient value and vital element coming from rice itself.

Vegan diet is no matter of choice for those who suffers of particular intolerances.

Our products are totally allergens free because no milk & no eggs are used in them!

All of our 100% vegan alternatives to cheese selection could fit into a celiac diet because rice is naturally gluten free.

The common matrix that characterizes all of our products of the Verys line is Bio SuRice®, Italian brown rice, sprouted with spring water and transformed into a delicious and balanced whole vegetable drink. The sprouting process increases the amount of fiber, vitamins and precious micronutrients contained in brown rice, thus making Bio SuRice® a unique vegetable drink of its kind.

The sprouting of of brown rice grains increases the value of the precious and balanced micronutrients of sprouted brown rice, present in much higher quantities than in refined rice.

Brown rice is easily digested and assimilated, and, in addition to being a “living” food that gives energy, has high refreshing properties and has always been recognized as a valuable aid in detoxification.

We believe in the importance of a sustainable approach to food especially in the food industry. A different perspective comes along with a change of our culinary practice. The stakes is the planet! Moving towards a more sustainable diet will bring beneficial feedback for mankind, animals and environment.

At Verys we care of the Planet!

Better Food, Better Life, Better Planet.



A line of frozen products, conceived for those with little time to cook, but who do not want to renounce to quality and taste, and with particular attention to those who suffer from food allergies!

Our Verys Frozen line is 100% of vegetable origin, lactose and cholesterol free.

A whole range of products, from salty to sweet, with a characteristic that unites them and makes them unique of their kind: the high quality of the ingredients that compose them.

All products of our Frozen line are completely free of modified starch, added sugar, refined flour, preservatives and artificial colorings, suitable for those who follow a natural diet, for those with problems of food intolerance and for all those who want tasty products and, at the same time, high quality.

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