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The Montalva Group, which has worked in the agrofood sector for more than 45 years, is dedicated to the production and commercialization of meat and meat products, operating in Portugal and in the international market with a range of renowned and prestigious brands, namely Montalva, Damatta and Izidoro. As the leading Portuguese producer in the food industry, the Montalva Group invests in innovation and works constantly to find solutions and create products with added value, which are nutritionally suitable and offer a balanced diet for consumers of various ages and segments. A benchmark in the market for some time now, the high quality of products is based mainly on careful preparation of the raw materials used and the effective training of human resources.To this end, the Group raise its animals on holdings that follow strong criteria in the European Union, feeding, selecting, slaughtering and transforming them using a combination of the most advanced analysis technologies and quality control.

The Montalva Group has a very complete portfolio of products within the meat and processed products market, following a strategy of customization of its products to respond to the needs of its customers. The Montalva brand presents a range of fresh, frozen and deep-frozen meats in various formats. The Izidoro brand is present in the delicatessen area and is renowned for the quality and value proposition of its cooked, cooked ham, sausages. In the Damatta brand stand out the cured hams and smoked products.

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