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Frip Group produces high quality frozen products for more than 50 years and export to 45 countries, in all continents.

Our core business is Wild Seafood from Mozambique, we operate with own fleet of 10 factory-vessels and all products are deep frozen and processed on board imediately after catch. Total catch per year is around 2.500 tons and main products are Lobster, Pink Shrimp, Red Shimps, Gient Red Shrimps, Squid, Crab, Scampi, Cuttlefish and White Shrimps.

We are also very strong on Frozen Vegetables, Fish products, Meal Components and Deserts. This lines of products are produced in Portugal, operations supported by three factories, nine fishing vessels, own distribution and 750 employees. We can supply a wide range of products and we have different presentations options, suitable for any kind of distribution. 

We are long term and key supplies of all major retailers in Portugal and other markets and very experienced in own brand projects as well.

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