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INCASA: private label manufacturing of laundry care, household cleaners, wet wipes, dishwash products and cosmetics.

Founded in 1983, INCASA became the first manufacturer of private label products in Spain. We are also one of the first European companies to obtain the ECOLABEL certification for a complete range of detergents and household cleaning products. Since 2008 we have doubled our turnover to plus EURO 50 million. As a family company we guarantee commitment, strategic vision, and agile decision making.

We supply private label products for large and medium sized retailers seeking to market high quality products under their own brand. We also do contract manufacturing. We consider our clients to be one of our company's most important assets and we strive to maximise their profits by offering them a real competitive advantage in the market through complete solutions with high added value.

Innovation has always been the key factor to differentiate us from our competitors. That’s why we invest in a proactive team and flexible, leading-edge equipment.

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