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Ingredion is a leading global ingredients solutions provider. Specialising in a wide range of nature-based highly functional starches, clean label starches, nutritional ingredients and high-quality sweeteners, Ingredion also delivers market-shaping innovations and cutting-edge technical and formulation support to help customers succeed today and in the future.

Ingredion’s beauty and personal care ingredient solutions can allow you to replace synthetic chemicals in your products with naturally-derived, sustainable ingredients to create green products your customers will be confident to use. With consumers demanding safer, more sustainable ingredients, Ingredion’s family of plant-based solutions complement and enhance key physical and sensorial attributes of your personal care products.

Working with our teams, you will be able to streamline your new product development and overcome formulation or processing challenges. We will put our consumer and market knowledge and proven expertise in the Personal Care market to work for you.

Our unique solutions will also help you boost your products’ performance as well as reduce costs and improve productivity. With decades of experience, our products are the building blocks of both leave-on and rinse-off cosmetic and personal care formulations.

At Wabel 2018, Ingredion will showcase its NATIVACARE™ natural polymer range. An alternative to chemically-modified polymers, these ingredients can enhance sensory experience, from skin feel and fragrance profile to viscosity and appearance. Aiding spreadability and flowability, they can create smooth, rich and luxurious textures for your products. Ingredion will also showcase its FARMAL™ multi-functional bio-polymers for achieving soft textures and the perfect viscosity and its FOAMATION™ PC range of natural foaming agents for a simple label, sensory enhancement and a versatile performance. Discover more of Ingredion's personal care solutions today. 

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