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Our world is cleaning cloths, both for home and professional use.

Our product range covers all usage areas perfectly - including well thought-out new developments which give us, our commercial customers and also their customers an advantage in convenience and performance again and again.

Our efficiency and innovative ability are based on: 

- Extensive experience and professional know-how; 

- Selected raw materials; 

- Manufacturing processes that are modern and environmentally friendly at the same time; 

- The high motivation of our employees; 

- The fascinating opportunities which the renowned Bierbaum company group offers.

This “combination for success” is a central theme in all our projects and has helped us develop into one of the leading companies in our field. Our strengths lie in our broad product range and the individual manufacturing of own brands. And because the quality of the Kornbusch & Starting brand is also affordable, our customers always also come off better…

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