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LACO, Alsatian company, manufactures and distributes cleaning and maintenance products since 1981. These products are intended for individuals and you can order them directly on this online shop. For example, the famous Silver Stone and the Special Renovator wood for furniture and parquet are products that have been developed by our laboratory. You will also find the brushes necessary for the maintenance and cleaning of floors, leather care products, non-toxic products to remove unpleasant odors, non-slip floor mats, microfibre cloths, etc.

On the other hand, we design in collaboration with different laboratories and herbalists, products for your well-being and for the care of the body. Natural pillows for a good night's sleep, essential oils to treat cold and cough, organic shea butter to prevent stretch marks and treat chapping, disinfectant gel, balms to relieve you of heavy legs, osteoarthritis cervical spine, osteoarthritis of the knee and rheumatism, etc. Our primary concern is to design quality products that will bring you wellness and relieve you of some ailments. The ingredients that make up these products are scrupulously selected to preserve the healing virtues of plants and herbs.
We guarantee you efficient products, a serious processing of your order, a fast delivery of your package, a customer service at your disposal at 03.88.513.000 and very interesting prices "live from the manufacturer". Try our products, you will not regret it!

LACO also owns the brands ABC Diffusion and HGP Entretien. LACO has remained an independent company.

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