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MAKANI Sp. z o.o. („Makani” - Hawaiian for wind, breeze) is a Polish company based in Żłobnica, ul. Milenijna 1, 97-410 Kleszczów. Founded in 2010 we now employ over 70 employees. We produce a variety of dry soups, stock cubes and sauces which are delivered to the biggest retailers in Europe. You can find our products under private labels in Tesco (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia), DIA (Spain), Carrefour (Spain, Belgium, Poland), COOP (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) and many more. Our mission is to constantly improve our products in order to meet our customers’ requirements and deliver best quality, trend-forward goods in shortest time possible.

Our production plant is based in the wealthiest community in Poland – Kleszczów. Thanks to our central localisation in Europe and well-developed infrastructure it is easy for us to quickly deliver our products across the continent and further. Under 3500 sq. m. we produce 150 tonnes of dry soups and stock cubes every month. Our product portfolio in

Our portfolio includes over 200 products from different categories:

  • Bouillons in powder, cubes and paste (catering),
  • Instant and cooking soups in powder,
  • Instant noodle soups,
  • Cooking sauces in powder,
  • Gravy granules,
  • Spices.

Each and every one of our products is based on a unique recipe made on request from our customers. Our R&D team consists of well-skilled and creative professionals who are not only able to meet customer demands in terms of price and taste but also come up with new and fresh ideas.

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