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MARAP HandelsgesmbH MARAP HandelsgesmbH was founded in 1999, and has its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. In the form of the KRESTO, BIO-LEBEN, LIFESTYLE ORGANIC, BIO-LOGISCH and PEARLS OF SAMARKAND brands, the highly motivated MARAP team has set itself the goal of offering its customers worldwide only the very best, most choice products in a healthy, top-class, premium quality. Over the past decade, we have advanced from a position of trader of conventional foodstuffs to become a specialist for high-quality organic foods. It is with a high standard of competence that we still distribute some of our original range of nuts, dried fruits and sugar. As a matter of principle, we renounce the use of additives, colouring agents and flavour enhancers made either naturally or artificially. We try to produce our products as naturally as possible. Our own production companies as well as close cooperation with manufacturers all over the world enable the implementation of our ideas pertaining to product quality and consistency of all goods even during the primary production stage. The latest logistics, international purchasing and reliable producers all over the world guarantee the best possible customer service. We currently distribute our products in 28 countries worldwide. OUR BRANDS The Marap company comprises several high-quality brands with different orientations and target groups. Pearls of Samarkand is our latest brand, and has been designed especially for high-quality organic dried fruits and organic nuts as well as organic dried fruit and nut mixtures. Attractive packaging, delicious contents and modern design complete the market image. This brand covers many modern super foods and many exotic specialities and special regional delicacies. Bio-leben and Lifestyle Organic have been designed for the food retail trade, and comprises the classic range of organic dried fruits, nuts, seeds, sugar, cereals, flours, oils, waffles, snacks – all organic. Recent additions to the Bio-leben and Lifestyle Organic brands are innovative organic convenience food mixtures which come in a wide range of flavours and grades. Bio-logisch has been designed for large consumers in the field of gastronomy and the hotel industry. The range includes large containers for restaurateurs in the familiar Marap quality with a high degree of product safety combined with an excellent price-performance ratio. The main products in this range are organic dried fruits, organic nuts, organic rice and organic sugar. KRESTO was our first brand and, today, it stands for pulses, special cereals and Demerara sugar. Our KRESTO brand supplies both the food retail trade and large consumers in the field of gastronomy and the hotel trade. The KRESTO brand produces conventional (i.e. not organic) products only. Trademarks and Own Label As an extremely innovative company, we gladly cooperate with you to develop products which fulfil your very own requirements. Contact us and let us know what these requirements are. We can produce both conventional products and products from controlled organic farming bearing your trademark. Our range starts at 50 g bags and goes through to 25 kg sacks, canned and bottled food, through to folding boxes. Our creative team can also work out suggestions for your exclusive brands and come up with new product developments. The production of trademarks is one of our fortes: we can even produce small quantities. Our flexibility guarantees the extremely fast implementation of such projects through to market maturity.

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