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Mogyi Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian-owned family business dealing with roasting, packaging and sale of different types of oil seeds and nuts. The company was established with 5 employees in 1990 by two Hungarian brothers, who had the idea to launch the distribution of products that had not yet been introduced into the Hungarian market until then. The number of employees has been increasing continuously for years and it has exceeded 600 by now. Mogyi Ltd’s annual turnover amounted to 76 million euros in 2016. Export sales accounted for 57% of the total turnover.

Mogyi Ltd. has 5 plants for production and warehousing in Hungary installed with the latest technologies. All of the units have their own laboratory, where the quality of the row materials and the final products are continuously controlled. The company is certified and is working according to the following quality standards:

                 -HACCP, -IFS, - BRC, - FSC, RSPO

The company is one of the strongest European players in the nuts and seeds category.  Our main focus is on sunflower seeds ( in-shell and without shell as well ), microwave popcorn, pumpkin seeds and peanuts. This is mainly down to our own farming system, which is controlled by Mogyi Ltd. from planting the seeds to selling the finished products in retail packaging. This is a very well controlled system, which follows the “from field to the consumer’s table” project. All of the other raw materials used for our products are purchased from the highest quality, which is strictly and continuously controlled.

We’re very proud of our market share in Hungary (about 80%) where we are market leaders and of different products in other countries as well.  We have seen increasing demand on sunflower seeds not only in Eastern European countries but also on Western European markets such as in Italy, Germany, and the UK.

We are present in 24 countries with our products from which in 7 we have our own subsidiary (Romania, Poland, Russia, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia).

We supply all supermarket chains in Hungary, TESCO, Penny Market (REWE Group), SPAR, CBA, Auchan, METRO,  etc..  In other countries we also have a long list of references like: Kaufland, Penny, Konzum/Mercator, Carrefour, POLOmarket, Biedronka, Auchan, Profi, Cora, Delhaize, X5(Russia), Tander Magnit (Russia), BigC (Thailand).

Today Mogyi plays an important role also in the sector of Private Labels both in Hungary and many European countries. Various private label products are produced for Lidl, Kaufland , Penny Market , Spar, Auchan,  Tesco, Biedronka, Polomarket, Carrefour, Konzum , CBA.

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