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We are a small, privately owned company, which was founded by a
 group of scientists and researchers in nutrition and dietology.

It was established in 2005 as a branch of a pharmaceutical
 company with more than 20 years’experience in the pharmaceutical

Combining the head company’s scientific base with our knowledge
 in nutrition let us develop natural and healthy food products.
After 4 years of extensive research in our laboratories, we have
 developed and internationally patented a unique range of 100% natural and
healthy food products, which have a long shelf life, and possess
 an exquisite taste of fresh fruits and berries.

We have an EU certified production plant equipped with modern
juice preparation line. Our plant is also equipped with modern
 chemical/microbiological laboratory, which constantly controls
 the quality of raw materials, and finish products. Most of
 fruits/berries used for production of drinks come from our own
organic farms, that way we can control the top quality of
 our product. Production operates in accordance with HACCP / IFS
and ISO 9001/22000 standards.


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