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Noble Health Food bvba was created by M Declerq in 2004.  He created vegetarian burgers, schnitzel, pitta slices, gyros, minced and all different kind of vegetarian alternatives rich in vegetable proteines that he introduced into the Belgian market.   

Since 2014 Noble Health Food determined a clear mission: 1) heart for sustainability 2) passion for taste and quality 3) honest and healthy food 4) market extention through innovation.

Our target group are flexitarians: people who are ready to eat at least 1 or 2 times a week no fish or meat.  This target represents the biggest group of consumers that are moving up to be a vegetarian.  By offering a range of high quality vegetarian meat replacement solutions, we are convinced that those consumers will continue to eat less meat.  

The good choice of raw material is crucial to be sustainable.  Noble Health Food therefore switched a large part of his range from soja proteines to  pea proteines. Our R&D developed with big success new recipes for falafel, vegeburger, kebab, schnitzel, tex mex triangel and others.  

Since 2017 we launched a range of quinoa burgers and a range of vegetarian balls based on couscous and quinoa. Production is outsourced in companies who has IFS, BRC and/or a ISO certification.  Noble Health Food buys in all raw ingredients, delivers them at the producer, the producer makes the final product following our clear instructions.  Once produced, the producer stocks the final products in their warehouse and prepare order following our instructions.  Noble Health Food is owner of the recipes, raw material and the final products.

Since 2014 Noble Health Food tripled its volume in private label.  The purpose is to triple volume every 2 to 3 years for the next 10 years.  We are looking for highly professional partners in the retail, out of home and industrial business world. We believe that our company has the mission to convince men by men to eat less meat in order to save the planet,  and we will do our utmost to obtain this result through our partners. 

2018 is an important year for Noble Health Food.  It launches its own fancy label into retail. With the addition of vitamin B12, iron and zinc, 'Flexy ' will to become an ever healthier alternative for meat.  

Do not hesitate to contact us for a first contact:   Xavier van Ravestyn:  00 32 478 49 33 76 Patrick Van Riel: 00 32 472 48 12 16  

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