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Norma is a discount store specialised in food items. The company has operations in Germany mostly as well as France, Czech republic and Austria. The retailer is known under the names Norma and Norma-Rodi following the acquisition of the firm Rodi. The first store was opened in Nuremberg in 1921. New distribution centres were opened between the year 1971 and 1989 in Augsburg, Regensburg, Eutingen, Cochem, and Röttenbach. Continuing in its expansion, the first store outside Germany was opened in France in 1989 followed by the Czech republic in 1992 and Austria in 2005.

Norma’s business revolves around the concept to offer a narrow product line having high turnover foods at competitive prices.

Over the years, the company has developed its own brands such as Highland river a blended scotch whisky. The retailer sells more than 1000 food and non-food items.

In fact, Norma has been continuously the leading German discounters for over 5 decades and continues to expand. Which is why the retail group is always looking for new land and retail space. Presently, it has 2764 branches in 4 countries.

In terms of logistics, each Norma accounts for a central warehouse and the smooth running is ensured for on time deliveries while meeting high standards for processes.