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Numidis is the subsidiary of Cevital group. Popularly known by the brand UNO, Numidis is based in Alger and operates in the mass distribution sector. The company has developed its network through chain of stores. Those stores are of different formats ;

  • hypermarkets
  • supermarkets
  • convenience stores

The expansion of Numidis has led the latter to become leader among the hypermarket chains and also the largest. From its first convenience store opened in 2007 to now with the recent opening of its 5th hypermarket in 2016 where 50,000 SKUs are provided. The 5th hypermarket has a sales area if 5000 square meters. In fact Cevital group was the1st private company and at the same time the 1st private employer in Algeria.

Cevital has also other subsidiaries and they are as follows:

  • CeviAgro
  • Cevital
  • Nolis
  • Numidis

Indeed since 2015, a food processing unit was set up pertaining to the following activities:

  • Through the UNO stores ; the distribution of food and non-food items
  • Specialist retail : concerning the personal household appliances
  • Ceviagro - agricultural production -  1,500,000 tonnes of sugar produced
  • Management of shopping centres - Managed by Sierra Cevital
  • Agri-food production - 80% of the business sector

The group has also established a buying team for the purchase and import of products where they deal with brands like Procter & Gamble, Unilever, RB. Moreover Unidis has 30% of annual growth and owns 26 subsidiaries in 3 continents.

The company wants to set the standard and establish a good working realationship and network with its customers as well as suppliers and shareholders.