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Ever tried plant protein that looks and tastes like chicken, but is in fact 100% plant-based? Try Plenti­® plant-based meat alternatives from Ojah and join the plant-based protein market!

Ojah B.V. is a young and ambitious company that texturises plant proteins by high moisture extrusion processing, resulting in a meat like substitute with that particular ‘bite’ and texture. We only use two ingredients, which are plant based proteins and water.
We first of all use sustainable and non-GMO soy, but are very proud to now also launch our new products made of pea protein. We still believe soy is a very appropriate meat substitute when looking at the nutritional values, but keep innovating with alternative plant proteins.
Due to the demand for alternative plant proteins, we now launch our pea protein products. The biggest advantages of pea protein, is that it is a non-allergen and that the peas are grown in Europe.

Our products are called ‘Plenti’, because of its versatility. Plenti can be used as an ingredient for many different end-products, variating from burgers, to canned products, ready-eat meals, fresh meals etcetera.
Plenti plant protein is vegan, glutenfree, Clean Label, non-GMO and most of all: delicious!
​Plenti can be delivered frozen and in packaging for industry, foodservice and retail.

We dream of a vegetable revolution and produce sustainable plant protein products, to maximise this transition. With our products, we want to inspire people around the world to choose products made of plant proteins. We believe that we can only accomplish this by working closely together with partners who know the local market, thus we seek for new potential partners. Our talented R&D team has much expertise with plant based proteins and are ready to help you develop your new product.


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