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The story of Pakten has been started at 2000 as a first baby diaper producer in Gaziantep, Turkey. Pakten has adopted the principle of producing quality goods for the consumers from the first date. With a consistent quality standard, Pakten has launched disposable adult diaper,  underpads  and wet wipes  in 2012.  With a 17 year experience in diaper business Pakten’s baby & adult care products are being sold in Turkey and export markets  under Joyful, Önlem & Holder brands.Since 2013, Pakten is one of the top 1.000 industrial corporation of Turkey and one of the top 1.000 Turkish exporters. The production is made under ISO 9001 standards and our baby and adult diapers have an "Excellent" level dermatologically approval by German Dermatest Laboratories. Other certificates are ;TSE IQnet Europe Quality Management System , ISO 22716 GMP ,ISO 27001 Information Security system. Pakten with numbers;  34.000 m2 plant area, 22.000 m2 warehouse fully racked, manufacturing capacity 1.8 bilion pads baby diapers , 78 million pads Adult diapers , 10m packs of wipes. 

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