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PCH Cosmetics Industries belongs to the group "Laboratorios BYLY" that manufactures cosmetics since 1942. PCH is its private label production sister company, specialized in hair removal products (cold wax strips, warm and hot waxes for microwave, wide range of depilatory creams), deodorants (antiperspirants, without aluminum, for atopic skin, 24-48 or 72h action span), body and face moisturizing creams, hand creams and feet care range (heel rich repairing creams, deep caring treatments, refreshing lotions and deodorizing sprays). PCH modern facilities cover more than 10,000 square meters with a an R+D and Quality Laboratory with a qualified and experienced Team to deal with the development, formulation and delivery of customized products designed to meet each specific need.

PCHCosmetic Industries is Quality, Innovation and Expertise as a guarantee and a way of working offering GMP ISO22716:2007 certified quality and full responsibility for preparing the clients' Product Information File and registering their cosmetics into the European CPNP portal.


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