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An Italian passion for ice cream and dessert, born from 80 years of experience in homemade ice cream with a Corporate vision rooted in respect for man, nature and environment, since Ermenegildo Rachelli opened his first ice cream shop in the heart of Milan. For 80 years Rachelli has been finding ways to continuously improve its products in terms of taste, foodstuff safety and sustainability. To achieve this, Rachelli found out how to combine the know-how of the incomparable Italian ice-cream tradition with the curiosity for the research of new consumer needs and new production technologies. Our mission is pleasure: the pleasure of producing environmentally sustainable ice-creams and desserts, the pleasure of achieving the highest levels of quality while at the same time honoring the traditional taste. The pleasure of being a major role player in the fair trade market and the pleasure of being unique and different, just like each of our products. To testify Rachelli’s desire to promote everyone’s right to pleasure, his philosophy focuses on consumer food allergies. As a matter of fact, in addition to gluten-free variants, also includes lactose-free ice-cream and dessert: the same taste also for those who can’t afford a traditional feeding.

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