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For well over a century, Sri Lanka has been synonymous for producing the world’s finest teas. Its rich taste, crisp aroma and therapeutic qualities give Ceylon Tea a distinctive advantage over other origins. We at Regency Teas take pride in presenting this wonder beverage to our valued customers, in breathtaking form, fit for 'Aristocracy'!

Established in 1997 by a dynamic group of professionals who had already established themselves in the Sri Lankan tea export & plantation industry, Regency Teas quickly asserted itself as a packer and exporter of the finest quality teas. Since inception, the company has been packing tea under the core brand ‘Hyleys’. The wide range of teas under the Hyleys portfolio includes; traditional and classic black & green tea as well as specialty blends with flavours, additives and herbs.

Regency Teas export to over 25 countries worldwide and our strongest outreach is in North America and Eastern Europe. We have recently launched several functional & end-user benefit teas consisting of 100% natural ingredients in stride with latest global consumer trends. These innovative products have special packaging & unique customer appeal, adding further value to “taste & health” aspects.

On the manufacturing front, the company operates a production plant of 90,000sqft with modern infrastructure, tea packaging machinery and highly skilled staff. Annually, the factory produces 3500 metric tons of tea in value added form under strict Food Safety Management Systems and guidelines. The plant is HACCP certified through the Sri Lanka Standards Institution, accredited to RVA Holland.

With a production output of 2 million tea bags per day, Regency Teas is currently the 5th largest exporter of tea bags from Sri Lanka. The tea bagging facility boasts of the latest Tea Bagging machines producing staple free tea bags, as well as micro-filter Pyramid tea bags.

Our highly experienced team of professional Tea Tasters grade over 8,000 lots of tea per week & taste over 500 cups of tea per day, identifying & selecting the right type of teas to suit different markets around the world.

We at Regency Teas are committed to achieve the highest required product standards at the most competitive price, which we take great pride, in delivering to each and every client. 

Many local & international awards won by Regency Teas over the years amply demonstrate our achievements.


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