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We are a manufacturing company of beauty & healthcare products. Our passion is the development of innovative products in the segments cosmetics, biocidals and medical devices.


You receive a marketable product:

  • With an outstanding formulation
  • With innovative packaging
  • In record time – an average of only 6 months after the initial consultation
  • At defined prices
  • In tested quality
  • Delivered to your warehouse on time

We are active on the market, and we keep our eyes and ears open wherever people are interested in cosmetic and healthcare products. We not only read the trade publications and trend magazines, but we also work closely with universities, packaging experts and communications specialists.


We are experts in everything that cares for and protects the skin and keeps it good condition. Medically-based dermocosmetics are as much as a part of this as certified natural cosmetics, an irresistible fragrance, or a special problem-solver for delicate skin area. With over 1.000 developments a year, you can safely rely on our extensive expertise.


Defend yourself against mosquitos, ticks, head lices a.o.! We are one of only a few companies  that has its own product approvals, and exclusive access to some active ingredients, as per the EU Biocides Regulation. We offer you individual solutions in a highly-regulated market.

Medical Devices:

Sometimes it's about more than pure care. Then problems need to be solved, and unpleasant skin conditions cured with a medical product that has been specifically approved for that purpose. Talk to us about clearly positioned developments with high claims, for instance against corns and hard skin, itching or bruises, or wound care products.

We act globally and serve the most diverse distribution channels. 


  • 由Michael Sander和Rene Strothmann于2000年在德国创立
  • 是护肤品发展行业和国际品牌第三方生产商中的市场领导者
  • 能提供德国先进的化妆品,医疗设备和杀生物剂方面的制造 工艺 
  • 获得了2014-2015年度的新产品开发大奖
  • 是2014年“医疗设备”最具创新包装比赛的冠军
  • 是德国精英大学的独家合作伙伴
  • 是德国药物生产行业的供应链冠军


  • 全球化业务 - 面向47多个国家/地区的客户
  • 确保并拥有卓越的技术 - 保持与国际皮肤病专业协会定期交流并积极参加国际展览会
  • 信任 - 国际品牌信任 SanderStrothmann
  • 丰富经验 - 熟知国际注册流程



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