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Sisma is on the market since 1965 and in the early nineties took a leap by acquiring the largest European cotton facility, located in Milan, together with the well-known Farmacotone® brand, that covers the pharmaceutical cotton product category, as well as Cotoneve® covers the personal care cotton products category.

Since then Sisma has invested tens of millions Euros in state-of-the-art equipment enlarging and improving production capacity in existing and new market segments (i.e. cotton layer, cotton pads, cotton swabs, wet wipes, etc.), as well as a new top-of-the-line logistics center.

In 2010, the company went through a deep change, moving from a family-run company to a managerial one. As a result of this deep transformation, today Sisma has definitely renewed its own market positioning by consolidating and improving its leadership, by focusing on specific and well identified categories – personal care, health care, house care, food care – delivering extensive ranges with its well-known premium labels Cotoneve®, Farmacotone®, Farmacotone Bebé®, Logex®, Samurai®, Samurai Party®, together with first price and private labels, setting itself as an undisputed remarkable player.

This has given to our customers the opportunity to gain the most relevant profitability thanks to their partnership with Sisma Group. Indeed the significant quality of products, the wide range of items in the catalogue, the highest level of service, allowed them not only to preserve their performances, but also to achieve considerable improvements.

Moreover, since 1998 Sisma has been ISO 9001:2008 and GOTS certified and received several awards, guaranteeing a constant and rigorous compliance with the rules governing the company production system, managed in the premises of Mantua, through an efficient administrative, logistic, sales and marketing organization.

Especially in the last two years, considerable investments in R&D have allowed Sisma to introduce exclusive and innovative patented items like, among others, the new makeup-remover cotton pads enriched with active principles, the intimate wet wipes for men, the “water stop” gloves, the anti-scratch sponges with low detergent consumption.

In the personal care cotton items Sisma is the absolute market leader: our production plants (over 60.000sqm of total surface with about 30.000sqm of covered surface) guarantee the largest output in Europe and are equipped with the most modern machinery and technologies. Sisma can produce 21.000 tons of cotton items per year, 12.000 tons of spunlace web, 15.000 km of cotton sliver, 1,7 billion of wet wipes, 38 billion of cotton swabs, 13 billion of cotton pads and 275 million of cotton balls.                         

In addition to that, the modern and functional logistic platform, allows Sisma to meet the most stringent delivery requirements of its customers, optimizing the inventory and all logistics activities are outsourced to a leading specialized operator. The numbers speak for themselves: about 73.000sqm of total surface, 10.000sqm of covered surface for 18.000 pallet places.

Sisma cares to its final consumers as well as to the environment: our equipment is designed to guarantee the maximum quality by requiring the lowest energy consumption. By bleaching exclusively raw cotton with natural compounds, we guarantee our consumers with safe hygiene, while protecting the environment and the natural resources from unnecessary pollution.

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