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STRACHICCO, Vegan alternative to soft cheese

Our Vegan Spreadable Classic is an innovative product, first of the spreadable line with a light and delicate touch which immediately catches the favour of many vegan people but not only. Made from Germinated Whole Rice Grains it is similar to other products of our line.

It is made by an artesanal process so you might experience slightly different creamy texture.


Vegan Spreadable Classic, like all of other Verys products, is a vegetable based alternative to cheese. It is a 100% vegan product, fresh and pasteurized product without colorants and preservatives.

You can find it in the cold area of supermarkets or in the Vegan corner

During its production not a single synthetic molecule is used.

Thought for...

Vegan Spreadable Classic is light and delicate, soft and spreadable, it recalls the classic “Stacchino” cheese. It is ideal for those who have milk, lactose, gluten or soy intolerances. For having a soft texture is particularly suitable for those who have mastication problems.

It is made from Germinated Whole Rice from which comes all its nutrients such as fibres, vitamins and oligominerals.

Everybody can enjoy it: younger or elder. Try it into the soups for your infant or anyhow you like it.

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