VEGAN LASAGNA with Vegetables and Strachicco

Vegan Lasagna with Strachicco and Vegetables Ragout

The world famous italian cooking is now dressing up in vegan style bringing all the flavours of traditions!

Lasagne is a Bologna specialty known all over Italy but also abroad. Verys loves to be inspired by the richness of traditional tastes and flavours. These are just some of the reasons that brought us to develop the 100%Vegan, Verys Ready to Eat Lasagna.

A ready to Eat dish, to be heated up in a traditional oven or by microwave, ideal if you are in a hurry or to serve as alternative meal. Vegan Lasagne are ideal for who has milk or eggs intolerances, totally cholesterol free and naturally very digestible. Our Lasagne are freshly made but not pasteurized in order to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the high quality raw materials.

Vegan Lasagna with vegetables are the perfect Ready to Eat Meal to enjoy at home for a vegan dinner or just to change your habit trying a new taste. Lasagne are rich in nutrient facts and with taste recalling the traditional recipe. Our 100% vegan Lasagne are very digestible and free of animal products.

Thin foils of pasta are totally eggs free and artisanally made by a company which uses stone grinded flours and traditional methods.


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