VEGAN LASAGNA with Strachicco and Seitan Ragout

VEGAN LASAGNA with Strachicco and Seitan Ragout

A line of frozen products, conceived for those with little time to cook, but who do not want to renounce to quality and taste, and with particular attention to those who suffer from food allergies!

Our Verys Frozen line is 100% of vegetable origin, lactose and cholesterol free.

Let us delight you with a 100% vegan recipe of Seitan Lasagne. Creamy taste and rich flavour distinguish our product compared to many others around. Thin layers of fresh semolina pasta eggs free are hand made by a Company which uses traditional recipes and high quality stone milled flours.

The tomatoes used in the filling are 100% italian and the bechamel is 50% made with Vegan Spreadable Classic which gives its creaminess and flavour.

The Seitan we use is 100% Bio from italian wheat. Flours are not just premixed, but are washed just before the preparation occurs.

You can cook them in the tradition oven at 200°C for 8 minutes or in the microwave oven.

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