Gocciadoro L' Anfora - Grezzo Naturale Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

L' Anfora - Grezzo Naturale

An extraordinary fresh juice of Olives in a exceptional packaging


Our "Anfora - Grezzo Naturale"  Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the freshest green fruit of the olives picked at the early stages of the harvest period.
This oil is purposely not filtered to preserve the original characteristics of the olives.
The squeezing of absolutely raw olives makes this product very special as it contains all the nutrients found in the olive fruit and also conserves intact the patrimony of antioxidants (polyphenol) plus the integral naturalness of the product in its primary state.
This oil natural dense with its aroma characterized by vegetables hints of artichoke, tomatoes and herbs which bring in mind the fruit just harvested.
lts taste is ample with hints of artichokes and fresh country vegetables as well as bitter and pungent present and well dosed.

Serving Suggestion:

The Unfiltered "L'Anfora" Goccia D'Oro is particularly suitable for use it only on raw plates as condiments for salads, bruschetta, raw vegetable dip, raw meat and all of those dishes in which you want to add a distinctive and characteristic note.
Try it also on carpaccio of fish, or any plate of raw fish where only a few drops will enhance the flavor of the dish.


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