cooked Leg Ham Grande Selecção 4,5 Kg

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Gluten free Senior Lactose free

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Izidoro's Great Selection Upper Leg Ham is made from critically selected pork legs without added phosphates, is gluten-free and in the final process is steamed slowly, giving it a flavor, texture and extreme aroma quality.

The piece selected for the preparation of this cooked ham is boned by hand, which guarantees a greater cleaning, increasing the final quality of the product.

This cooked ham is the only certified by SGS with the skinny pork slim that certifies the low fat ( less than 3%).

Its packaging is very differentiated in the market of delicatessen, because it is a bag with reusable zip (zip closure), after opening in the charcuterie counter, it is possible to put it back into the bag that preserves all its qualities to the last slice.

This cooked ham was awarded for the second year with the award "Flavor of the Year" in the category of cooked hams.

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