Vacuum dried Strawberries

Vacuum dried strawberries. No sugar added. No flavourings, no preservatives, no artificial colours. Dried from fresh.

Fruits and vegetables are dried using a vacuum dehydration technology, which differs from the classical industrial dehydration 
because lower temperatures are used so that during the dehydration process the temperature in the fruit or vegetable never exceeds 45°C. 
Our technology also enables us to avoid freezing before dehydration. All this results in a lower loss of temperature-sensitive nutrients, 
and thus the loss of A and C vitamin is minimal. Temperature-sensitive flavouring substances and natural colour are preserved to a large extent 
as there are no reactions (e.g. caramelisation of sugars) during the dehydration process, which would have a negative impact on the final appearance of products. 
The dehydration takes place with the minimum presence of oxygen, which reducesthe oxidation.

The additional strength of our technology is that no microwaves or radiation are used. Our products are not added any preservatives, sugars or sweeteners or flavourings.

Our production method enables us to declare our products as raw vegan. We can offer a wide range of vacuumdehydrated fruits, berries, vegetables or herbs.

According to client’s wishes, dehydrated products can be grinded into powder.

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