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High Tech-: Cloths especially (and in particular) continue to develop further in the same way as the requirements placed on them: micro-fibre cloths have revolutionised the market, coated cleaning cloths with different surface textures offer perfectly tailored cleaning solutions for special demands and novel impregnations lend cloths unimagined possibilities and a longer lifespan.

Kornbusch & Starting was one of the first suppliers of all these developments, and offers a multitude of sophisticated solutions with its product range.

A recent example is the usage of nano-silver technology. Silver releases ions only in a damp environment which prevents the reproduction of bacteria in a natural way by blocking their nutrient production. The antibacterial effect of cleaning cloths with our “Nano Silver Protection” also prevents unpleasant smells at the same time… an additional innovation worth its weight in gold.

Types of High Tech Cloth-: Laminated cloths-: Coating of textile products offers various possibilities to adapting the cloth for special uses. Duo Window cloths with two different sides, long lasting floor cloths with special coating for professional cleaning or dish& wiping cloths with different kinds of nap structures are only some examples out of our range of coating solutions. Nano Silver cloths-: The Nano Silver Technology avoids the growth of bacteria in the cloth. This special Cleaning Cloths minimize the risk of infection and prevent furthermore from the build-up of odours. Microfibre cloths-: You cannot imagine a modern household without Microfibre Cleaning Cloth. Extremedurability and dirt binding stands for these high-quality Cleaning cloths.

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