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Dishwasher gel is an alternative product for dishwasher tablets and powder, but has a greater solubility than tablets and powder and therefore may leave less residues to the dishwasher machine.

In January 2017 all dishwasher products, which contain phosphates more than 0,3g per wash will be restricted from EU markets. Mayeri has worked for 2 years to find the best alternative to phosphates and has found it!

Product has very high cleaning and rinsing quality and also innovative packaging with a sleeve labelling possibility and special comfortable dosage cap.

According to Euromonitor (2016) in Western Europe the retail value growth from 2011-2015 has been 30,63% and in Eastern Europe the growth has been 85,95%.

EU Ecolabel/Nordic Swan Ecolabel possibility: YES

Other dishwasher machine products: Rinse aid, salt

TAGS: automatic dishwashing, dishwasher machine gel, dishwasher machine liquid, EU Ecolabel, EU Ecoflower, Nordic Swan, Ecolabelled products, phosphate free

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