Royal Berry Organic Nectars

A selection of top quality Nectars from exquisite organic berries which we grow on our own organic farming lands. In manufacture of our nectars we use a patented, quite sophisticated technology, which allows us to sustain a very high level of quality of our products. 

Royal Berry Nectar - a Nectar with noble lineage.Every
bottle that we manufacture is filled with our passion for quality.As
in good old days, when manufacturers were not after quantity,but
strived to create a masterpiece out of each piece of bottle.Every
single bottle matters to us so much, that we can tell you a whole story
behind it. Each bottle has its own unique character,brings its special
emotions.To create such an exquisite product,we blend different
ingredients, unique technology of manufacture,good old recepies, juice
of fresh berries, most of which we grow on our own farmlands, love and
care are definately the most important of ingredients. To prove to you
that every single bottle matters to us, we put a Unique Number on the
label of each bottle. Entering this number on our website, you will be
able to find out when this particular bottle was manufactured, what
kind of fruits or berries were used, when were they cultivated, what is
the flavor of the Nectar, and etc. By this, we want to show to you
that we are not after mass production and large profits, satisfaction
from what we are doing and care for customer is the most important for

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