Royal Berry Seabuckthorn Energy Sports Drink

This juice is based on the directly cold pressed juice of very special species of seabuckthorn berries. It took us over 30 years to selection this special variety of seabuckthorn species. They are quite unique, and very different from those commonly used in EU and US. Our particular species of seabuckthorn are much bigger in size, they have very pleasant and sweet taste. Consuming juice of our particular seabuckthorn species, is literarily like tasting the rainbow. And we have not yet touched the benefits which this truly superfruit holds for the human body. Seabuckthorn does not limit itslef to only 180 bio active substances, vitamins D, E, Omega fatty acids. It as well contains seabuckthorn oil, which is widely used in medicine and cosmetics. Our technology allows us to naturally preserve the seabuckthorn oil, which allows us to bring to you w whole pack of ebergy and life force. This is fantastic product to boost immune system, strengthen nervous system, satsify quench, supply body with indespensable microelements, and simply enjiy a hgh quality, perfect taste juice. 

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