Bag in Box 3L Serrata "Olivar" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Each year new global trends appear that set up different but useful approaches to every single market and consumer. Given this, all the companies have the need to respond to the market, by being comfortable to change and / or adapt their products and marketing strategies. After a long introspective thought we decided to develop a new concept - Serrata "Olivar" - based on 4 principals:

  • Environmental Responsibility / Friendly (all material used is recyclable)
  • Connecting Generations (the main goal of the design was to look like a mother/father or a grandparent telling a story to their children/ grandchildren about the advantages of recycling and use of organic products)
  • Easy to use
  • Organic

We start producing this Bag in Box Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil in 3L for a French supermarket chain but, until the end of the year, we will also have it in 1,5L which might be an interesting option. Apart from it, we are already working on a Dutch and a German versions.


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