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Types of Industrial Products:- 1.General Hygiene Products: They Include: Toilet Cleaning Agent Multi-purpose Detergent Glass Cleaner Wood Cleaner Surface Cleaner suitable for Polished and Unpolished surface Ultra Bleach Scrubbing Fluid with Minerals Organic Chlorine Bleach Ammonia-based General Cleaning Agent Carpet Cleaner High Suds Carpet Cleaner Low Suds Bathroom Cleaner & Lime Solvent Dirt and Varnish Remover Heavy Grease, Dirt and Varnish Removing Agent to be used wit Glass Cleaner Forklift Tire Track, and Special Stain Removal Agent Crystalline Wax for Calcium Carbonate based Stones Polymer Wax 2.Kitchen Hygiene products: They include: Stain Removing Pre-dipping Agent for Dishes Cleaning Agent that Removes Metal Scratches on White Porcela Cleaning Surfaces that Come into Contact with Food, Fruit & Dish Washing Machine Detergent Dish Washer Gloss Oven and Grill Cleaner Hygiene Kitchen Cleaning Agent Heavy Grease Solvent Liquid Dish washing Detergent (For hand-washing) Care Agent for Stainless Steel Surfaces Hygienic Stain Removing Agent for Dish Washing Machine Lime Solvent for Dish washing Machine Barbeque and Grill Cleaner 3.Laundry Hygiene products: They include: Laundry Softener (Floral Scented) Low Suds Laundry Detergent Water Softener Complete Main Wash Agent Heavy Grease and Dirt Solvent Heavy Grease, Dirt and Blood Solvent Enzyme, Cooked Grease, Dirt, Protein Solvent Sub Cleaning Ag Lime and Rust Removing, Grayness Relieving Washing Agent Neutralizing Washing Agent Room and Fabric Deodorant Iron Binding Washing Agent Organic Chlorine Bleach Rust Remover Oxygen Action Powder Stain Remover Oxygen Doped Liquid Stain Remover Coffee, Tea, Paint, Oil Solvent 4.Food Hygiene products: They include: QAC Based Disinfectant Disinfecting General Purpose Cleaner for All Hard Surfaces Alcohol Based Disinfectant Oxygen Based Disinfectant Perasetic Acid Based Disinfectant Heavy Duty, Foam Cleaning Product Alkaline Foam Cleaning Product For Sensitive Areas and Equip High Alkaline Foam Cleaning Product For Degreasing Heavy Dir Alkaline Foam Cleaner with High Chlorine Alkaline General Cleaner with Chlorine General Purpose Cleaner for Fatty Oil Asidic Foam Cleaner Neutral Foam Cleaning Product for Open Places Descaler for cleaning in place Chlorine Based, Alkaline CIP Cleaning Product Alkaline product for cleaning in place Foam controlled Disinfectant for Cleaning in Place Bactericidal Hand wash Liquid Alcohol Based Hygienic Hand Liquid For Plastic Tray and Basket, Foam Controlled Washing Product Washing Product For Plastic Tray and Basket With Foam Liquid Manuel dish washing detergent without perfume Alkaline Bottle Cleaning Product Strong Alkaline Bottle Cleaning Product 6.Personal Hygiene products: They include: Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap Shampoo and Conditioner 2 in 1 Shower Gel Shampoo for Hair Liquid Hand Soap Liquid Foamy Hand Washing Solution 7.Pool Chemical Products: They include: Anti-Moss Acidic Filter and Surface Cleaner Pool Shines Disinfectant for Pools 56 Disinfectant for Pools 90 Floculan PH Decreaser (Liquide) PH Decreaser (Dust) PH Increaser Disinfectant for Pools 90

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