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      Types of Product:Roast & Ground Coffee:1. Traditional CoffeesInclude: Sello Rojo Medium Roast, Sello Rojo Dark Roast2. Special CoffeesInclude: Sello Rojo Flavored: Vanilla, Cinnamon and Mocca, Sello Rojo Espresso3. Functional CoffeesInclude: Decaff Sello Rojo. Medium Roast, La Bastilla Decaff Medium...

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      Types of Product:Instant Coffee1. Traditional Coffees: Includes: Colcafé Classic, Bastiyá2. Especial Coffees:Includes: Colcafé Vainilla, Colcafé Caramel3. Functional CoffeesIncludes: Neutralized Colcafé, Decaff ColcaféCoffee Blends1. ConvenienceIncludes: Colcafé 3 in 1, Colcafé 3 in 1 ...

      Category: Sweet Grocery, Frozen food

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      Types of Products available:1. Conga Guava Fruit Bar2. Mango Fruit Bar

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      Types of Products available:1. Figs in Syrup2. Pineapple Chuncks in Syrup

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